Our Brands

Five Star Premium

Northern Wind has been resolute in our pursuit to bring to market the finest Scallops. Five Star Premium Scallops are all natural and contain no additives. Hand shucked and carefully selected, these are the best the ocean has to offer and the premium choice for chefs who want to offer the finest and highest quality seafood. As a MSC Certified facility, we believe in delivering responsibly sourced and sustainable seafood. By doing so, we add value to our customers, partners and the planet. Five Star Premium Scallops are easy to prepare and can be used in a variety of dishes from appetizers to center of the plate options that will have your customers coming back for more.

Five Star Premium Scallops…After All It’s What The Chef Wants!

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Captain’s Call

Our Captain’s Call brand offers a selection of fresh and frozen all natural dry products packed for our customers that want the “top of the trip”. This premium brand signifies the most prized item from the harvest. This is what makes Captain’s Call brand so desired by connoisseurs who want only the highest quality available. That’s why we’ve identified it with images of ocean waves cresting with all its bounty and named it for the Captains that call for it by name. Captain’s Call…it’s what the Captain wants.

Mariner’s Choice

We chose to identify the brand with the mariner…a true explorer that battles the elements to bring us the very best. The Mariner’s Choice brand is for our customers that want premium quality products affordably priced, and processed to order. Only the best scallops are good enough to bear the name “Mariner’s Choice”.’

Sea Spray Brand Scallops

are renowned for their quality. They are consistent in size, bright white appearance, flavor, texture, and freshness. What’s more, they are hand-shucked, size graded, packaged and immediately frozen to maintain flavor. Harvested from the North Atlantic and produced in accordance with USDC and FDA standards our products are regularly inspected for moisture levels, product integrity and superior quality. Delivering premium quality scallops is our number one priority but we don’t stop there. We are proud of our ability to share our expertise, service and quality products with all of our customers, all of the time.
These scallops are naturally suited to beautiful menu presentations, popular in any entrée, appetizer, sautés, and even pasta dishes. Sea Spray Brand Scallops are also a very health-conscious choice. They are an excellent source of high-quality protein, and extremely low in fat. What little fat they have is high in desirable omega-3 fatty acids. In addition, Sea Spray Brand Scallops are a good source of potassium, as well as several other essential minerals.

Ocean Requests

This is our brand that our customers demand when they want Northern Wind quality products at pricing they can afford. This brand is offered fresh and frozen, mildly processed and packed in a variety of sizes. Because of our unique ability to source our products from all over the world, we make it a priority to know what your specifications are, and we set sail to match our products with your budget. That is why we chose to use the image of a traditional fishing vessel sailing the world’s oceans to bring you the best products this world has to offer, because you request it…Ocean Requests

Bon Cuisine

Bon Cuisine is our value-added product line. It offers discriminating food lovers distinctively tasteful frozen foods that are restaurant quality and easy to prepare. Whether planning a family meal or party food appetizers, let our gourmet chefs help make your good times extra special. For more information, go to our Bon Cuisine website