Farm-Raised Chilean Mussels

Mytilus Edulis

Chilean Mussels PhotoColder water makes for tastier shellfish. The icy cold, nutrient rich waters, of the Antarctic Humboldt Current along the Pacific, serves up some of nature’s most delectable treats. Mussels with unsurpassed flavor. Northern Wind’s mussels are harvested from those very waters, processed and purged within hours of selection to ensure quality. When you order Norther Wind shellfish, you can be confident it carries an unconditional guarantee for purity, freshness and premium quality. Northern Wind buys direct from large mussel farms and day boat harvesters to service your needs. We source worldwide through a network of established joint ventures utilizing our market knowledge, financial strength, worldwide contacts and global distribution system. We take pride in the fact that we provide our customers with unmatched sourcing.


Whole Shell; vacuum-packed


  • Purged virtually grit-free
  • Inviting plate presentation
  • Consistent, delicate flavor
  • HACCP quality standards
  • Confidence in product safety
  • Year round availability
  • Consistent, high quality
  • Easy to prepare


Mussels adapt well to a wide range of cooking techniques, sautéing, broiling, breading, etc.


Per 85 grams (approximately 3 oz) RAW

CaloriesProteinTotal FatCholesterolSodium