Tips for Grilling Scallops

The smell of grillin' is in the air. Before you lay those burgers on the grill plate, think of trying something simpler and lighter for dinner. The North Atlantic bears the sweetest scallops. As temperatures rise, you certainly don't want to be slaving over a hot stove in doors, pan searing this candy from the ocean. Grilling them properly is essential. By skipping some of these necessary steps, you may find yourself scraping the scallop off the grill with a shredded mess for dinner.

1) Use a larger, dry scallop. When looking at sizes, select a U-10 or 10/20. This means an average of Under 10 scallops per pound (for U-10) or 10-20 scallops per pound. A Dry Scallop is one that has not been processed. 

2) Use Olive Oil to coat each side of the Scallop. Avoid using marinades as the scallops flavor is naturally delicious. 

3) Cook them on their own if you use a skewer. Making a scallop kabob is not recommended as raw veggies will take longer to grill than the scallop will.

4) When removing or flipping the scallops on the grill, use a spatula and not tongs. This will prevent tearing the scallop in the event that it does get slightly sticky on your grill.

When done, enjoy your scallops over a salad, bed of rice or by themselves like a scallop-pop!