Seafood Consumption and Millennials

How do you get generation Y to respond to seafood the way they've embraced "feeling the Bern"? According to an article posted and shared last week in Supermarket News, packaging and marketing need to transform into something sexier and less mathematical.

Most articles about seafood are focused on sustainability and replenishment. This makes complete sense when taking into consideration the increase of world population, coupled with boosts in consumption. These increases have forced the development of aquaculture, farm raising and sustainable catch methods. Government organizations like NOAA are dedicated to overseeing the catch of species and setting quotas in order to not leave our oceans completely barren.  For most millennials, that sustainability is a hot button topic and an often sought description of their purchased materials. Long gone are the wasteful 1980's.

Seafood is a healthy protein that provides many nutrients. As stated by NOAA staff scientist, Patricia Pinto Da Silva, "preparation of fresh fish may be a barrier for the 30-something and younger crowd who might find it too messy and too much work." Ironically, the younger generation is also health conscious and less interested in buying foods that are overly processed or prepared. "They want to feel like they have a hand in transforming their meal." Focusing on health benefits and sustainability while creating retail options that are easily prepared are what the experts suggest.