Bay And Sea Scallops

Northern Wind is one of the world's largest suppliers of fresh and frozen scallops. With years of knowledge and industry expertise, we make it our mission to deliver premium quality scallops every day to all of our valued customers. Each product that leaves our HACCP certified facility is individually inspected, helping to ensure that we exceed customer expectations – always providing a mouth-watering scallop that stays fresh from ocean to plate!


Northern Wind is proud to offer the highest quality Ahi Tuna, responsibly sourced from the Indian Ocean. A range of sizes are available, including:

• Steaks,
• Loins,
• Saku Blocks,
• Ground Meat, and
• Poke Cubes.

Working directly with the source, our tuna is long-line caught and frozen at sea – a catch method considered to be more sustainable and result in a better quality fish our customers. Our tuna is Grade AAA, and is suitable for sushi and sashimi applications. Portions are also individually vacuum packed to ensure freshness.

Monkfish (aka Goosefish)

The meat of the monkfish is delicious! Dense and sweet, its meaty white flesh is often compared to that of lobster meat. This Northern-Atlantic fish is considered to be very versatile in the kitchen, allowing chefs to let their cooking creativity run wild! Northern Wind offers this healthy, great-tasting fish in three forms:

  •  Tail Meat,
  •  Fillets, and
  •  Whole Fish


Also known as the American or Maine lobster, this species inhabits the cold waters of the North Atlantic – from North Carolina to the icy coasts of Labrador. As a primary off-loader, Northern Wind’s hard-shell lobsters are subject to minimal handling, resulting in a healthier, more lively product. Our lobster operations feature custom designed systems to replicate the lobsters’ natural environment. Prior to being transported to our facility, each lobster is hand-inspected for health, right at the dock side.


Northern Wind is a resource for headfish during the peak seasons of the North Atlantic catch. Our location and history of partnerships with local fishers give us access to top-notch supply and catch. Our waterfront location means reduced handling and product that is always fresh.  Some of our top species include:

  • Black Seabass
  • Porgies
  • Striped Seabass, and 
  • Mackerel.


Considered to be a culinary favorite in France, skate has become increasingly popular with American cooks in recent years. The only edible parts of this fish are the meat of its wings, which have a striated, open-fan configuration. With its delicate interior and mildly pronounced flavor, skate is considered to have a similar flavor to that of scallops. Northern Wind provides skate that are…

  • Live and locally caught from the North Atlantic,
  • Meet HACCP quality standards, and
  • Will sure to bring satisfaction to those looking for a new fish dish!