The UN has declared  that harvesting seafood from the world's oceans has reached capacity due to increases in both consumption and world population. Northern Wind is committed to protecting these resources by procuring them responsibly.

The North Atlantic United States fishery is a protected resource, monitored by a DAS system managed by the US governement. Our scallop resources as well as both processing facilities are MSC-C-53909 certified. To insure sustainability, scallop boats are allotted a specific number of fishing days in open and protected areas determined by the U.S. government each year. The new season officially opens March 1st.  We consistently work with scallop boat owners to improve harvesting, shucking, and cleaning techniques. Most of the world’s remaining scallop production is from Japan (wild, enhanced and aquaculture) and China (mostly cultured bay scallops).

The Norwegian North Atlantic Salmon  is raised in an environmentally frriendly oceanus system that recirculates purified water to recreate a sustainable living environment. This premium  fish is protected from predators while raised in a GMO, Antibiotic and hormone free closed and contained farm.

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