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Five Star Premium Scallops

Our Greatest Catch is Our Quality
These are the best the ocean has to offer and the premium choice for chefs who want to offer the finest and highest quality seafood.

Captain's Call Scallops

Authentic, Traceable & Sustainable
Our Captain’s Call Scallops are all natural, wild caught and fleet harvested from the icy pure waters of the North Atlantic.

Mariner's Choice Scallops

Freshness is Our Business

Our brand for customers that want a quality scallop at an affordable price that has been lightly processed and quick frozen.


Sea Spray Scallops

Sea How Fresh We Can Be!

Consistent in size, bright white appearance, full flavor, and the freshness and texture that you’ve come to expect!

Discover the best the ocean has to offer

Northern Wind, LLC.

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New Bedford, MA 02740
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