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Emperor's Choice Ahi Tuna

Responsibly Sourced Tuna
Our tuna is long-line caught and frozen at sea. This method is considered to be more sustainable and results in a better quality fish.

North Atlantic Lobster

From Trap to Table
As a direct off-loader, our hard-shell lobsters are subject to minimal handling, resulting in a healthier, more lively product.

magddalena bay scallops

Magdalena Bay Scallops

Diver Caught & HAnd Schucked
These delicious Bay Scallops are hand harvested by divers using small boats providing a low impact on the marine ego-system.


A Fresh Approach to Sustainable Seafood
Our long- term partnerships with local all day boat fishermen provides Northern Wind access to top-notch supply and catch.


Sourcing Fresh Sustainable Seafood
Considered to be a culinary favorite in France, skate has become increasingly popular with American chefs in recent years.


We Fish for a Higher Standard
The meat of the monkfish is delicious! Dense and sweet, its meaty white flesh is often compared to that of lobster meat.

chopped sea clams

Chopped Sea Clams

Wild Caught and All Natural
These premium chopped sea clams from Canada are harvested using sustainable practices and deliver a robust sweet mild flavor.

North Atlantic Sea Scallops

Wild Caught and All Natural
Our North Atlantic Sea Scallops are wild caught in cold clear waters and are hand-shucked and frozen-at-sea within an hour of catch to lock in their freshness and sweet taste.

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