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Northern Wind is the first in the nation to receive Fair Trade Certification™ of our complete supply chain for our scallops from sea to table. When you purchase our Fair Trade scallops you are ensuring that the fishermen who harvest these scallops and the people who package them are treated equitably and fairly. Our Bon Cuisine North Atlantic scallops are all natural, sweet, and delicate and are carefully selected from local fishing boats certified under our Fair Trade Certification™.

Under the Bon Cuisine brand, Northern Wind also offers value-added Scallops Wrapped In Hickory Smoked Bacon that are restaurant quality and easy to prepare.

Attention Retailers!

Fair Trade™ Scallops are the first step to a quick and easy meal… Pairing them with produce and seasoning equal higher profits for you!


View scallop recipes and cooking demonstrations from Northern Wind Seafood. 

Product Details

Product: North Atlantic Sea Scallop
Scientific Name: Placopecten Magellanicus
Product Quality: Excellent
Foodservice Application: Center of Plate Value Grade Scallop
Retail and Foodservice Product Sizes: U/10 | 10/20 | 20/30 | 30/40

Packaging Options:
12 oz. | 1lb. | 1.5 lbs. | 2lbs. | 2.5lbs.

After Thawing Keep Product Refrigerated Important -Keep Refrigerated at 41° F (50c)

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