MSC Certified North Atlantic Lobster

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Sustainable North Atlantic Lobster

Northern Wind offers foodservice and retailers MSC Certified North Atlantic Lobster harvested from the icy cold waters of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, Canada. Our sister companies Raymond O’Neill & Son Fisheries and Suncoast Seafood have been harvesting North Atlantic Lobster for over 40 years. Combined, they offer state-of-the-art processing capabilities for freshly frozen raw and cooked lobster products all MSC Certified. From the moment our lobsters are harvested, every step is taken to ensure the quality of our products meet our customers’ demands.

Attention Retailers & Foodservice Operators!

Do you know that supporting sustainable harvesting practices is top of mind when consumers choose to purchase their seafood? To meet their concerns, serve them Seafood With Integrity with our MSC Certified North Atlantic Lobster.


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Product Details

Product: MSC Certified North Atlantic Lobster
Scientific Name: Homarus Americanus
Product Quality: Exceptional
Foodservice Application: Center of Plate, Bar and Appetizer Menu Options
Features & Benefits:  

  •  40 years of Lobster Industry experience.
  • Waterfront location reduces the handling of the lobsters.
  • Specially designed shipping cartons protect live lobsters during transport.
  • Experienced employees ship lobsters to worldwide markets every day.  


  • Regular Meat (tails, claw and knuckle)
  • Tail Meat – Raw Tails – Split Tails in Shell
  • CK Meat (claw and knuckle)
  • Knuckle Meat, Claw Meat & Leg Meat
  • Broken Tail Meat
  • Minced Meat
  • Frozen Whole Raw & Cooked Lobsters
  • Blanched Tails



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