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Considered to be a culinary favorite in France, skate has become increasingly popular with American chefs in recent years. The only edible parts of this fish are the meat of its wings, which have a cartilage, open-fan configuration. With its delicate interior and mildly pronounced flavor, skate is considered to have a similar flavor to that of scallops.

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Product Details

Product: Skate
Scientific Name: Leucoraja Ocellata / Raja Radiata

Product Quality: Top Quality
Foodservice Application: Center of Plate Top Quality Scallop

Features & Benefits:

  •  Fresh and locally caught from the cold waters of the North Atlantic Ocean.

  • Meets all HACCP quality standards.

  • Excellent species for foodservice operators looking to introduce a new fish offering.

Products Form:

  •  1-2 lbs. Skinless

  •  1-2 lbs. Skin On


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